Cloak/Evade Tokens (Double Sided)

Cloak/Evade Tokens (Double Sided)

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No longer do you need to be using two separate tokens with your cloaking/decloaking Tie Phantoms. When you spend your Evade just flip the token and you have a Cloak token. When you spend your Cloak token to decloak just flip it to get the evade from your complimentary evade action (if you aren't stressed that is).

These great looking double sided Cloak/Evade tokens are compatible with second edition X-Wing. Both sides are consistent with their relative colour and the cloak side is the relevant shape as described in the rules reference. The evade side is obviously not circular but it is not a problem when you get it to the table :)

These tokens can be bought individually or in packs of 5 or 10 tokens. Oversized tokens are also available for those wishing to have move visible tokens for their streams or just to have more fun on the table :)

Note: These tokens come painted with a protective layer that will need to be removed from the front and backs before use.