Combination Tokens Set

Combination Tokens Set

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We are super excited to be releasing our X-Wing second edition compatible tokens. These can be bought separately by token type or in our new Combination token set. These sets are heavily discounted to be distributed as a set.

NOTE: The tokens pictured are just indicative and types and do not represent the "sets" available. The tokens available in each set are detailed below

In this set you get the following tokens. The set can consist of entirely standard size tokens or entirely oversized tokens.

  • 5 x Focus
  • 5 x Evade
  • 5 x Calculate
  • 2 x Reinforce
  • 5 x Stress
  • 3 x Ion
  • 3 x Tractor
  • 3 x Jam
  • 3 x Disarm
  • 1 x Cloak/Evade
  • 10 x Shield
  • 5 x Force Charge
  • 5 x Standard Charge

Oversized tokens are also available for those wishing to have move visible tokens for their streams or just to have more fun on the table :)

Note: These tokens come painted with a protective layer that will need to be removed from the front and backs before use.